A new home, sprouting seeds, and other life updates

It’s been a long time since my last post and we’ve been busy! Here are some quick updates so you know what’s going on:

We moved!

Yes, we’ve left our cramped condo behind and moved into a townhouse. We are still drowning in boxes and haven’t finished decorating in the least, but we have space! And we’ve been going outdoors a lot more often, which has been so good for all of us and our moods. Speaking of nature…

We have plants!

our balcony gardenWe are learning about seeds and gardening. Pippin and I chose a few plants we both liked and are growing them on our balcony. We need to transplant some of the seedlings and some might move to the almost-nonexistent front yard, but our balcony is viewable from the kids’ play area and they go out there to play sometimes, so it’s nice for them to be able to watch their plants grow day by day. The front yard is usually something we pass through for a minute twice a day and not something they see constantly.

In our balcony garden, we currently have:

  • A strawberry plant
  • A salad mix bowl (mesclun)
  • A coriander plant
  • Sunflower seedlings
  • Cherry tomato seedlings
  • Marigold seedlings
  • Green onion seedlings

We’re hoping to add a few more throughout the year. (Pippin has been asking for a tree lately… If anyone knows what kind of tree we can grow in a container, let me know!)

We are growing, too.

Each of us in our family have come a long way since my last post here. Here are some of our individual life updates:


… is now three years old. We went to the zoo on her birthday. She is so happy to be three and yet at the same time can’t help but wonder what four will be like.

Pippin's balance bikeShe can climb to the second rung of the rope ladder at the park, but she says that when she’s four she’ll climb even higher. She can use a stool to reach some faucets by herself to wash her own hands, but she says that when she’s four she’ll be able to reach all the faucets. She can drink water or milk or a little bit of juice now, but she says that when she’s four she’ll be able to drink tea and coffee like amma and baba. (She’s still figuring out that saying something doesn’t automatically make it true.)

Pippin’s latest favorite things to do are running, jumping, tumbling, climbing, and showing Merry how to do things.


… is now almost 15 months old and has two (sharp) teeth. She is walking confidently and loves holding hands and going for walks with her big sister, who takes care of her extremely well for a three year old. She loves to be outdoors and is particularly fond of eating dandelions, pinecones, and mulch. Her preferred method of going down slides is feet first, on her stomach.

playing on the drivewayHer sense of humour is really evident now, and her latest “funniest thing ever” is to wait until Pippin sits inside the toy box (her pretend bathtub/train/car/etc) and then close the lid with Pippin inside.

The Husband

… has been doing a spectacular job of handling an increased workload both at work and at home over the last few months. He also got an amazing blender and makes delicious smoothies. I’ll be sharing some of his recipes soon on the blog.

And I

… am now 31 years old and realize I really need to update everyone’s ages all over this blog.

Hifdh (memorization of the Qur’an) is going well, slowly but steadily. I’m devoting more of my time towards classes and personal projects now that the kids are getting older and more independent. I’m also getting back into yoga, from which I took a long hiatus shortly before Merry was born.

I am looking forward to summer and being outside, and really want to go hiking and camping, but unfortunately can’t find practical hiking clothes that fit because we also have a…

Plus one!

Yes that’s right, we will soon be a family of five, and someone really needs to step up and make proper maternity hiking clothes. I am about halfway through this pregnancy, so if all goes smoothly, watch for more newborn related posts this fall. In the meantime, you’ll probably read more about our birth plans and baby prep over the next few months.

It feels nice to be back! Feel free to leave a message in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to read more about.


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