How I do hifdh with three kids under five

I’ve been doing hifdh (memorization of the Qur’an) since February 2015, a month before Merry was born. A lot of people have asked for advice on how to manage hifdh along with children. I don’t really have the answer. Two years later, I still struggle to do my lesson and revision. But I can share what has worked for me, and hope that it works for you as well.


I call my hifdh teacher at a specific time for a ten minute lesson each weekday. I recite to her the last few pages I memorized, and then she gives me a new lesson to memorize.

As an auditory learner, the fastest way for me to memorize my lesson is to recite it three times right after class, and then I actually memorize it at night after the kids are in bed. Reciting it three times gets the sound of it in my head, so that when I attempt to read without looking, it’s already partly memorized.

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