The Ultimate Cloth Diaper Guide: Part 3 — Your perfect diaper

Fitteds, prefolds, pockets, soakers… Huh? Cloth diapering can be overwhelming to a newcomer who isn’t used to all the terminology. In this post I’ll break down the different types of diapers available and help you choose the perfect diaper for your needs.

If you’re just joining us now, you might be interested in part 1 of this series, in which I wrote about why I personally chose to use cloth diapers, and part 2, in which we dispelled the most common misconceptions about cloth diapers. Watch for part 4, which will contain a list of essentials for anyone intending to use cloth diapers.

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at the different types of diapers available today.

Types of diapers

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