The Ultimate Cloth Diaper Guide: Part 2 — Myths about cloth diapers

(This is the second part of a four part series. Yesterday, I wrote about why we chose to use cloth diapers. Today, we’re talking about common myths and misconceptions about cloth diapering. Watch for the next two posts in this series about choosing the right type of diaper for your circumstances, and making sure you have all the essential cloth diaper supplies.)

Hey, how can you tell if a mom cloth diapers? … Don’t worry, she’ll tell you. Ba dum tssh!

It’s true, we cloth diapering parents talk entirely too much about our diapers. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve accidentally rambled on about sprayers, prefold folding styles, or the latest diaper on my wishlist (I mean, look at them, they have capes!). For that, I apologize.

In our defense, the world of cloth diapering has changed drastically since we were little. Everything we might have thought about cloth diapers in the past has been radically overturned, and we’ve seen the light. We just want to share it. After using cloth diapers for over two years, I can’t stand using disposables anymore. When I do have to use them, I dread every diaper change, I don’t like the feel of the diaper when I’m holding Merry, and frankly, disposable diapers have a weird smell.

So when the people around us are constantly saying “I could never do that,” because of any number of misconceptions they have from an earlier era of cloth diapers, we need to talk. We need to explain that, actually, the diapers you’re imagining are a thing of the past. Although you can still get inexpensive, large, flat diapers that are folded and held together by pins, there are dozens of other choices. Today’s cloth diapers are, in many ways, like disposables, and, in many other ways, much better.

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