Exchanging what’s better for what’s less

We’ve been busy lately packing for our move next month. With three kids and moving right after Ramadan, I need to get things going as early as possible. This past weekend, we packed away all the dishes. We only kept the bare minimum that we need for our family of five. This should force us to keep up with cleaning before the stacks of dirty dishes take over. We have so few dishes now that we can’t fill a single dishwasher load!

Which reminds me… I have a surprise to reveal about our house. It has (gasp!) no dishwasher. I haven’t told many people about this because I know I’ll get a ton of criticism and people saying that it will be too hard for us. It won’t be, inshaAllah. Our plan is that we’ll only keep this many dishes out (everything we’ve packed will go straight into storage), and we’ll be forced to get into the habit of hand washing. We can always pull out more dishes from storage when we have company.

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The invasion of the smart phone: ideas for a connected weekend with the kids

Kids have a way of making parents think. A couple of days ago, Pippin came running, waving her dad’s smart phone, saying with a look of pride, “Baba! Baba! You forgot your phone! I brought it for you! You’re welcome!” I’ve had mixed feelings about smart phones since they first came out, but this incident just sealed it for me. What must she think a phone is, if she feels the need to bring it to her dad when he happens to leave it in another room? What do our actions teach her? Are we non-functioning beings without our phones? Does she feel like she’s bringing us a lifeline?

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