Getting started with baby led weaning

We follow the current guidelines on when to introduce solids (at least six months old, showing all of the signs of readiness). Merry turned six months on September 1st and just started sitting up on her own on the 4th, so it’s baby led weaning time! This is our second run with baby led weaning, as we did it with Pippin as well.

Baby led weaning is, in short, the process of introducing solids to a baby with actual table foods rather than purees. The baby is fully in charge of his own eating. Baby led weaning works on the principle that a baby will only be able to pick up, chew, and swallow a food that he is developmentally ready to eat. This was a natural choice for us, since we put a lot of emphasis on letting children lead in their own development.

Here are some of Merry and Pippin’s favourite (and very easy to prepare) foods for babies aged 6-9 months (note: with all these recipes, omit the salt and sugar):

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